Our directory of Democratic and Progressive candidates is mostly focused on Virginia candidates at this time but will grow. Search and find the candidate your looking for, see what they're all about, and if you want to add one, do so.

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  1. Vangie Williams photo
    Vangie Williams
    Virginia 1'st District,
  2. Tom Hicks photo
    Tom Hicks
    Virginia 1'st District,
  3. Ryan Sawyers photo
    Ryan Sawyers
    Virginia 1'st District,
  4. Michael Pomerleano photo
    Michael Pomerleano
    Virginia 10'th District,
  5. Lindsay Davis Stover photo
    Lindsay Davis Stover
    Virginia 10'th District,
  1. Leslie Cockburn  photo
    Leslie Cockburn
    Virginia 5'th District,
  2. Kimberly Adams photo
    Kimberly Adams
    Virginia 10'th District,
  3. Jennifer Wexton photo
    Jennifer Wexton
    Virginia 10'th District,
  4. Janelle Noble photo
    Janelle Noble
    Virginia 7'th District,
  5. Gerald Connolly photo
    Gerald Connolly
    Virginia 11'th District,

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