Bird Dogging 101

  • Louisa County Public Library 881 Davis Highway
  • Mineral, VA
  • 23093

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Do you want to hold policymakers accountable, derail bad legislation, demand answers from elected officials and effect change through direct advocacy? If so, then Birddogging 101 is for you! This two-hour workshop led by nationally renowned activist Paul Davis will train us in birddogging basics. We’ll learn how to put policymakers on the spot in public, and hopefully on camera, with bulletproof, inescapable questions. This form of simple, direct advocacy, when applied consistently, is amazingly effective and yet astonishingly rare. Whether we’re confronting local officials or the powers that be in Richmond and Washington, birddogging can help us deliver the policies we need. In the last year, birddoggers across the country joined forces to defeat TrumpCare and bottle up much of the president and his party’s agenda.

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  1. Bird Dogging 101 photo
    Bird Dogging 101

    3/28/2018 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM EDT

    Louisa County Public Library

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881 Davis Highway
Mineral VA 23093

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