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Providing better tools for State-local, democratic/progressive candidates

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May 02

Community Manager 2 @Blue Spaces: The product development team at Blue Spaces is hard at work on its first "issue focused" mobile app. The app will assist organizations in better connecting with, educating and engaging citizens on one of the key challenges facing our society. We won't let the cat out of the bag just yet as to what the app's purpose will be, but it's an issue a majority of America agree with. More information will be forthcoming in late-May

3 years ago

Community Manager 2 @Blue Spaces: The Blue Spaces team recently secured a second tranche of funding to advance the company's mission of assisting those candidates, organizations and issues that aim to create a better America for us all.

3 years ago

December 01

Community Manager 2 @Blue Spaces: ex-Marine Corp officer and entrepreneur Roger Dean Huffstetler (VA 5'th) is cranking up his campaign ground game through his new mobile app. Check it out! Then contact us if you want to fight in '18 with the latest tools and best practices:

3 years ago

November 14

Community Manager 2 @Blue Spaces: Recent Virginia and New Jersey election results show what's possible when mobilized campaigns and field operations are able to turn citizen discontent with Republican people and policies into votes. Our first Blue Spaces apps will be released before the holiday season providing these candidates a huge boost heading into the New Year!

3 years ago

October 04

Community Manager 2 @Blue Spaces: Over the coming weeks we'll be updating you on which campaigns and what organizations we'll be working with in '18. So stay tuned. Until then, consider watching the short introductory video that describes how "gamification" and "points" work in a candidate's app

3 years ago

July 31

Community Manager 2 @Blue Spaces: If you're a democrat and living in Virginia you have to feel good about how the gubernatorial race is shaping up. Read on! https://democraticgovernors....

3 years ago

Community Manager 2 @Blue Spaces: Blue Spaces launches beta site and by September 1 will have a branded app completed for its initial participating candidate

3 years ago