Roger Dean Huffstetler

  • Virginia 5'th District

A wave of first-time candidates are eager to fight President Donald Trump and to challenge House Republican incumbents. Roger Dean is part of this wave.

RD was the first in his family to graduate from college... an officer in the United States Marine Corp... Harvard Business School graduate... technology entrepreneur. Exactly the mix of experience and values the country needs at this challenging time.

Democrats need 24 new seats to retake control of the House - a tall order that no party leader publicly says is possible, at least not yet. Roger Dean will be one step in this direction and in a district, Virginia's 5'th, where the party did not seriously compete in 2014 or 2016.

Recent Activity

November 16

Community Manager 2 @Roger Dean Huffstetler: The official RD iOS app (for iPhones and iPads) is now approved and in the Apple store! So tell your friends to download it and stay abreast of how we're taking back the 5'th. RD is committed to using every means possible to making the 5'th Blue again and our use of the latest technology is just one more example of why we're different

3 years ago

November 10

Community Manager 2 @Roger Dean Huffstetler: Huge election day for Democrats both in Virginia and elsewhere. Shows what good ideas combined with an organized effort can do. Much more to come in 2018

3 years ago

November 02

October 28

Tom Schnoor @Roger Dean Huffstetler: RD in Greene County this morning knocking on some doors for Kellen Squire in the 58th District!

3 years ago

October 20

Community Manager 2 @Roger Dean Huffstetler: Another glorious weekend coming up! It will find RD all over the 5'th District. He will be in Charlottesville, Danville, Crozet and South Boston. How's that for getting out and about!

3 years ago

September 21


Roger Dean Huffstetler is a Candidate for the Virginia 5'th District

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